The 8 Best Nail Ideas for This Christmas 2020

After a whole year, Christmas is here again, and you have probably thought that singing Christmas songs, decorating the house, and watching Christmas movies is the only way to enjoy this season. However, we are here to open your mind to a world of possibilities by giving you a list of nail art ideas that can help you enhance your look this Christmas. You can paint your nails using gels, dip powders, acrylics, or even nail sticker designs. If you are not familiar with the stickers nail art, there is no need to worry because they also give you an exceptional look. As such, this article presents distinct nail art designs that you can try out this Christmas.

8 Best Nail Ideas for This Christmas

Christmas Star Nail Art

This Christmas can be as gorgeous as you want despite the simplicity of the design that you choose. Christmas Star Nail Art is one of the festive season designs that you should not miss this year. The design is known for its exceptional results and ease of creation. Once you create this design on your nails, it leaves them twinkling like the holiday lights, thus giving you the most exquisite results.

Snow Flake Nail Art

Snow Flakes are a trend every season. If you wish to rock your Christmas with this nail design, then you should try it out. All you need is to superimpose the tiny nail stickers on blue and white nail coats. Therefore, blue and white nail polishes are essential for those looking to pull off this design.  A glittery silver statement should be used to complete the winter wonderland and give you the elegant mien you have been looking for.

Mismatched Christmas Nail Art

Sometimes deciding on the best nail art for a specific occasion may prove harder than you anticipated. This is a common problem among manicure lovers, and nail artists are aware of it. As manicure lovers and they will attest that settling on a specific design is not easy. Consequently, the Mismatched Christmas Nail design was developed. It makes use of different nail polishes on each nail, resulting in a unique look. Besides, the design can be tried using various nail art stickers on each nail. Christmas gnome, cableknit sweater, and peppermint are some of the unique mismatched Christmas nail designs you should try out.

Marble Nail Art

Red and green colors are standard polish colors used during Christmas. However, they do not have to dominate your festive season if you would be a little creative. The Marble Nail Art gives you a marble and matte black look giving you the Christmas joy you have always wanted. Mattes are for winter, but if you would spread a black nail polish using a dotting tool over a white base, then the resultant marble look is chicer than any other look you have had the whole year.

Christmas Light Nail Art

Want to keep your nails lit? Well, this design can work best for you during Christmas. If you have been looking for a unique, then you should consider this design. The lights design is created by mimicking tiny stick-on gems on the nails to give you the sparkling look of your desire.

Glittery Candy Cane Nail Art

Candy canes are exquisite for everyday wear but adding a little glitter gives them an extra dressy feeling. However, the design requires a professional hand to create clean lines, but if you feel that you have not achieved the expected professional standards, then you can use a stripping tape for this purpose.

Red and Green Marble Nail Art

Red and green colors are common among manicure lovers, and they are known for their remarkable results. Nonetheless, you can still look better on this design by introducing a few unique add-ons. The Red and Green Marble Nail Art can be improved by introducing a swirl design that will cover even the slightest mistakes made during its creation. Also, you can achieve a little sparkle by adding a glitter coat on the nails.

Christmas String Light Nail Art

Are you thinking of Christmas lights? Well, you do not have to see them in towns because you can still carry them whenever you go by painting them on your nails. The string lights design involves painting colorful lights on your most desired hue. Just use glow-in-the-dark polish to create the bulbs to light up your Christmas season.


Christmas is here with us, and you need something to show off. There are distinct nail designs that you can try out, but we have compiled a list of some of the best nail arts that can suit you this Christmas. Other designs that you can wear this Christmas include the Ugly Sweater Nail Art, Mix and Match Christmas Nail Art, Simple Snow Flakes Nail Art, Cute Candy Canes Nail Art, Jolly Reindeer Nail Art, and Festive Two-Tone Glitter Nail Art, among others.