Airbrush Stans

Airbrush tanning is the individual application of a spray tan. Our technician applies the tanning solution via a hand held spray gun to the client. This allows for a more precise application, and for a more personalized service. The airbrush tanning can be customized to suit the individual’s needs; for example, it is possible to tan a client’s body while avoiding the face.
Everybody’s skin reacts slightly differently to the airbrush tanning solution. Therefore, we highly recommend a trial session if you are tanning for a special event.

Before you tan, do any waxing, shaving, or nail care before the session, because doing these activities afterwards may remove some of the tan. We recommend that you exfoliate before your tanning session, however, do NOT use exfoliants with oil. Do not use body lotion. Wear loose fitting, dark colored clothing. Please, refrain from showering for at least 6 hours after your tanning session to allow the color to develop.