UV Tans

Our goal at Glow is to give you a safe and successful tanning experience. Our beds are top quality, professional machines with separate facial units that may be turned off if the user wishes not to expose their face to UV light.

To ensure sanitary conditions we ask each client to use their own individual eyewear, which is required by law. Our beds are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between every client using hospital grade disinfectants.

32-lamp bedRateStudent Rate36-lamp bedRateStudent Rate
3 Months Unlimited$155$1403 Months Unlimited$175$150
1 Month Unlimited$69$591 Month Unlimited$79$65
2 Weeks Unlimited$45$402 Weeks Unlimited$55$45
1 Week Unlimited$25$251 Week Unlimited$30$30
5 Tans$65$455 Tans$70$55
10 Tans$110$8010 Tans$120$85
per minute$1.50$1.25per minute$1.75$1.55