How to Mix Gel Polish and Get the Perfect Combo

Art and beauty have many things in common, and the most exciting aspect is the freedom they allow you to try out different colors. Similar to a canvas painting, your nail polish allows you myriad opportunities to try out new and fanciful color combinations.

At times, you can feel that the hundreds of color shades available on your Gelixir color chart might not seem to be the right one for your nails. Under such circumstances, you can mix a couple of colors or more to create a unique shade, a shade that nobody has ever tried before. Thus, Gelixir gel offers you the opportunity to set trends.

How to Mix Gel Polish

Nail salons do give you the freedom of trying out different color combos. But, you do the same at home, as well. This blog looks at mixing different gel polish colors and creating a fascinating tone to match your preferences.

How to Apply Mix Gel Polish with Gelixir Nail Polish

Prepping your nails is crucial

Similar to all nail manicures and beauty products, prepping the nails is critical. First, it is critical to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap to get rid of all debris. Next, you should use an alcohol-based cleaner to disinfect your nails and remove the water content filled in your nails after the nail wash. The advantage of using alcohol (around 70% concentration) is that it adjusts the pH level to allow easy basecoat application.

Get your tools in order

Applying a Gelixir gel combo is similar to your regular gel polish manicures. First, you should get your tools in place. These tools include your nail files, buffs, cuticle pushers, nail paintbrushes, and other paraphernalia. You should ensure to use a cuticle softener when using a cuticle pusher. It helps to soften the impact and prevent unnecessary injuries that can take time to heal.

Pick your shades well when mixing colors

The most crucial aspect of color mixing is choosing the perfect combination. The ideal way is to refer to your Gelixir color chart and pick out the lightest and darkest color combos to arrive at the right shade in between the two. For example, you can go for the white and black combo when mixing colors. However, the best method is to finalize the base color and add different shades to get the perfect combo.

Knowledge of primary colors is crucial

It is essential to know your color basics when choosing the shades. You should be aware of which colors to mix as mixing the wrong colors can end up in a mess. Therefore, it is better to keep your base colors like white ready. The primary mixing colors like red and blue should also be on hand to adjust the shades and ensure the right tone.

Know your formulas well

It is critical to know the type of polish you use to mix colors. If you plan for a sheer finish, you will need more of this shade than the opaque color you choose for mixing it. For example, you can add a creamy layer to your metallic shades. Then, all you do is add white opal to the metallic shade and give it the necessary sheen.

It is better to avoid glitter when mixing colors

Experts always advise you to avoid using glitter when mixing gel colors. The primary reason is that glitter floats on the polish layer and makes it challenging to apply correctly. It is better to apply glitter by layering it over your Gelixir gel polish rather than using it when mixing colors.

How to mix colors in a bottle?

If you wish to apply your nail polish immediately after mixing colors, it is better to mix the colors on a palette or a tile. However, if you are mixing colors for using it later, it is better to mix them in the bottle to get the continuity. Besides, mixing the colors inside the bottle ensures to keep the air out to allow a better spread when you use it later. However, if you mix colors for a nail art job, like drawing stripes or polka dots, you can mix it on a tile and apply it using a clean brush.

Be soft with your hands

Getting the right shade is generally a trial and error method. When mixing your colors, it is better to add one drop and mix it well before releasing the next one. If you add too much of a specific color, you end up with the wrong shade. Secondly, you should mix enough color to cater to all your nails at a time. It can be challenging to get the exact shade otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Mixing gel colors is an art that every nail manicurist should master. Your Gelixir color chart can prove handy in choosing the ideal base for mixing colors. Thus, you have an extensive choice with gel Gelixir to get the right shades and have a fantastic nail manicure.