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Top 6 Best Tanning Oil You Must Try in 2020

Most people love to put fake tan on their skin to get an attractive and darker skin color. Tanned skin gives you a model-like look and complements your figure. Skin tanning process would become totally worthless if you aren’t using tanning oil with it. Tanning oil could be used for multiple purposes. It can help in intensifying the darkness of the tan and some oils provide moisturizing effect to keep the tan bright and vibrant. In addition some oils have self tanning properties so you don’t need to use a separate tanner if you are using such oil. If you also use skin tan oftentimes, you surely need to check out our list of the best skin tanning oils of 2020 to enhance the tanned look and make your skin look bright and glowing.

Australian Gold Dark Intensifier Tanning Oil

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The Australian gold dark tanning oil has intensifying properties as it protects the tan from harmful radiations and helps the tan to develop a darker color. The product has non-greasy consistency and unlike other oils, it gets absorbed into the skin like any skin care lotion. It also has protective ability as it contains antioxidants which prevent infections and keep the skin healthy. The characteristic fragrance makes its use more pleasurable.

Lancaster Sun Beauty Dry Oil Fast Tan Optimizer SPF 50

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This amazing tanning oil provides protection from the sun and lets the tan to intensify. It has UVA and UVB filter which create a barrier between solar radiations and the skin. It has a unique and sensational odor which appears pleasing. No doubt, the Lancaster sun beauty is the best tanning oil with spf.

Sun Bum Moisturizing Tanning Oil

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The sun bum tanning oil not only gives a rich golden brown shade to the skin but it is also full of nutrients and nourishing ingredients. Particularly the moisturizing properties are the most amazing feature of this product. It makes the skin silky soft and provides long lasting hydration. After using this oil, you can simply lie in sun for few hours and will get the perfect glowing look. This oil is suitable to be used for a long beach day.

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil

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If you want to buy the best tanning oil to get dark, the Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil is the product you need to buy instantly. It contains a rich and highly nourishing combination of botanical extracts with rich natural oils. These make the skin soft and shiny and also protects from the sun. The tan provided by this oil is extraordinary and lasts longer.

Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil

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The banana boat tanning oil consists of rarely used combination of fruit extracts. It provides a deep and attractive tan to the skin with moisturization and hydration. The oil also has SPF properties but it does not gives greasy look to the skin as most sun screening agents do.


Skin tanning is very much in trend these days and everyone is trying it out to get the attractive and appealing darker skin shades. During tanning, oils are very commonly used to make the tan sustainable and sometimes to induce a more perfect shade. While choosing tanning oil, some points are to be kept in mind. Make sure your tanning oil is made up of natural and botanical ingredients so that it won’t cause any reaction with the skin. Also check if it is clinically safe for your skin type because there are some oils which have specifications according to the type and texture of skin. Our list of the best tanning oils is a perfect guide to choose the best product in terms of quality and effectiveness.