The Best OPI Gel Color Kits to Buy

OPI is one of the top manufacturers of nail care products with a presence in America, Europe, and Africa. They are also established in other parts of the world. They manufacture long-lasting, affordable, and rich nail care products for customers.

OPI means Odontorium Products Inc. The company was previously into the dental line in Los Angeles. In 1981, it was purchased by Mr. Schaeffer, who diverted the company to a nail care manufacturer. The company then moved its headquarters to California.

OPI manufactures in over 100 countries around the globe, and they always offer top-of-the-shelf manicure and pedicure products like Lacquers, nail envy, gels, and so on. They also make sets, kits, and collections of different nail products.

OPI Gel Color

OPI gel polish kits are some of the best gel polish kits you can buy. OPI makes gel polish gears to assist customers in making their gel manicures at home. The kits do have products like top and base coat, UV or LED light, nail arts, and so on. There are numerous gel polish kits you can choose from, and whichever you choose, there is a guarantee that you’ll see the worth of the price. Some OPI gel polish kits are below:

OPI Gelcolor Professional Icon Intro Kit

This professional icon intro kit is a gelcolor kit that consists of a LED light, which is rare in many other kits. Other products in the package include six full-size OPI colors, Top and base coat, bonder, remover, cuticle sticks, color palette, twenty foil remover, and the LED lamp. Many salons and customers have sung the praises of this particular kit.

OPI Professional Nail Drill Machine Nail File Manicure and Pedicure Gel Remover Kit

This kit is an easy-to-use kit that serves more than one purpose. The equipment has six sanding bands, a nail drill machine, three nail files, nail drill bits, a nail dust brush, thrust dust-proof covers, a USB cable, and a storage bag.

OPI Nail Lamp with Starter Kit

The OPI nail lamp is not typical to come across, and that makes any kit that has its special equipment. This kit is a starter kit that is very easy and straightforward to use, especially for beginners. It is very affordable, and it has products like a cuticle pusher, a pushing file, a nail lamp, a cuticle fork, a crude polishing file, two nail separators, a nail brush, and a USB cable.

OPI Gelcolor Gel Nail Polish Iconic Starter Pack

This kit is a famous OPI gel colors set because it is a straightforward and easy to apply kit. Although this kit does not come with a UV light, it is still considered a complete package, and you can purchase OPI LED light at any nail care store.

This kit comprises OPI products like six full-size gel colors. These colors are top quality that can be an excellent start to your wonderful color collection. The kit also has a top and base coat each, bonder, a black nail palette, and a remover.

OPI Nail at Home Manicure Kit

Kits are mainly made to make gel manicures easy to do at home. And that is what this kit is offering to customers. This kit is also easy for beginners and works to understand the best colors for you.

The package carries an OPI expert touch lacquer remover, an OPI cuticle pusher, an OPI edge 180 nail file, and an OPI brilliance buffet nail block. This kit also does not come with UV or LED light, but it is still a tier gelcolor kit, especially for beginners.

OPI Professional UV Gel for Nail Art Reconstruction Kit

This is a special kit that was designed to give the nails a perfect and glamorous look. It is very affordable, and beginners and professionals use a cam.

The kit carries a complete package except for the UV light; the products include two clear gels, one pink gel, one white gel, 1 UV finish, a nail glue, a UV brush No 6, a jar of acetone, 20 fake french nails, 20 square fake nails, and ten decoration pieces.

OPI 7 Pieces Nail Art UV Gel Professional Kit

This is a small kit that is highly rated by OPI. This kit is a professional kit used to keep long nails shiny for a more extended period. The package includes seven nail packages and nail arts.


OPI is a company that takes customers’ feedback and uses them to improve their packages, and that is why there are still many other OPI gel polish that suit the different tastes of people.

OPI employs people that have a background in the nail care industry to help them satisfy customers. The kits listed above are some of the best gel color kits you can lay your hands on even outside OPI products.