Excellent Nail Art Designs You Would Love to Have with DND Nail Polish

When you search for nail art designs on Pinterest and YouTube, you find almost everyone stating that it is easy to etch the best designs at home. From personal experience, I can certify that it is easier said than done. A trip to a nail salon is the ideal way to get your favorite nail art designs. However, with the lockdown restrictions all over the place, perfecting the DIY skills seems to be ideal today. Here are some nail-art tools you can find at home. Using them to create intricate nail art designs can be great fun. Let us learn how to do it.

Before discussing the nail art designs and home tools, we reiterate that you should use quality products like DND DC colors to achieve the best results.

If you follow the Beauty Communities on the internet, you come across innumerable nail design hacks using almost everything from cello tape to plastic bags and floss to mascara wands. The list can be endless. This article discusses common and affordable items that almost everyone has at home. The exciting part of it all is that you give full freedom to your creativity and end up with exquisite DND nails that you can proudly display on Pinterest and Instagram handles.

Best Nail Art Designs You Would Love to Have

Bobby Pins

One item you keep losing almost all the time is bobby pins. You place it on the bathroom counter and forget about it altogether. It usually ends up on the floor and finally into the dustbin. Instead, you can use this simple tool to create exquisite nail art designs.

The trick is to pull the prongs as far as possible and convert them into a makeshift dotting tool. The beaded end proves handy to etch beautiful dots on your nails. Insert the tip into the DND gel polish bottle and place it gently on your nail, dot by dot.

The fascinating aspect of this design is that you can experiment as much as possible, with each fingernail design looking different from the other. Instead of one pin, you can use multiple pins and dip them in different colors to get a multicolor design.

The only point of concern is that it takes time for the polka dots to dry. If you rush through the topcoat job, you could end up smudging the polish all over your nail. It can make you wonder whether it is better to go for the nail-art design stickers instead. Nevertheless, using bobby pins is exciting.

Hole Reinforcement Stickers

You could say that using bobby pins gives you thicker dots and hence proving uncomfortable to dry out. An ideal alternative is to use hole reinforcement stickers similar to those you used in school to repair the hole-punched paper as it falls off the binder. If you are a student or have a schoolkid at home, you can lay your hands easily on these stickers. Otherwise, you always get them at the local stationery store.

The procedure is a simple one. You stick these hole reinforcement stickers on your already manicured DND gel polish. You will find your nail polish peeping out of the holes present on the sticker. Use your favorite DND gel polish colors and paint it over the sticker as you normally apply gel polish. You can try out multiple colors for different fingers or even experiment with different colors on the same fingernail.

Lift the tape when the polish is still not entirely dry but simultaneously not wet enough to touch. You will be amazed at the design you end up with. Finally, you can seal the design off with a topcoat and clean the edges with acetone.


Toothpicks are found in almost every home. If you don’t have them, you can always pick up a couple from the restaurant the next time you go out for a quick snack. Otherwise, a pack of toothpicks does not cost much anyway.

Toothpicks offer you tremendous scope to create as many designs as you want. The fun part is that each of your designs will be unique.

Apply a thick coat of red and black DND gel polish duo on either side of your nail. Use the toothpick tip to draw a line to go from one color to another with absolute freedom to create the most exquisite designs possible.

You can also dip your toothpick in acetone solution and wiggle through the polish layers to give a watercolor pattern.


Yes, I agree that DIY nail art designs need a bit of practice to master. However, there is no problem in trying out fantastic designs in the name of modern art. Once you start trying it out, you will enjoy it and develop the habit of trying out these nail designs every time you don the nail paint.